It all started january 2015..

I was drinking a coffee from Meatballs on Flinders Lane, close to where my office used to be at the time.  I was already a keen sketcher and I thought that it would be nice to draw the place where I got this coffee on my takeaway cup, so I took a pen and gave it a go. 

Then on the following weekend  another coffee shop.. and so on... fast track to july 2017 and I am still drawing Cafes on my takeway coffee cups.

The number of cafes I've drawn is close to 100 now and the number of coffees I've drank? more than that.

I believe Melbourne's idiosyncrasy lies in a takeaway coffee.  Melbournians love their coffee, art, food and culture.

These cafes drawn on coffee cups  are how I see Melbourne. It's a drawing journey.

What else is in the book?  Everyday coffee lovers are giving you their stories.  You'll have to grab a copy of the book to see why it's not me but Melbourne  who is writing this book! (literally)


Want to see how I draw cups?: Click here or on the Youtube link below for videos.